Tonality Ceramic

Each new TONALITY product is the result of more than 100 years of experience and commitment in the area of ceramics. Thus, imaginative combinations of personal choices of colours combined with superior quality advantages are emerging time and time again.

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Ceramic Tile Faced Panels
CSC NO 07 44 23
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Key Attributes of Tonality

  • One layer extruded ceramic, complete with grooves for interlock with rail
  • Masonry or something completely different describe aesthetic choices
  • Finest grain clay making strong, smooth, lift'n lock system
  • Many sizes from 150mm-600mm high; 2000mm long
  • Order exact length to avoid waste
  • Sweet spot for constructibility, and preferred in Canadian market 3-400mm high; 1000-1200mm long
  • Panel 26mm thick, including grooves for interlock
  • Can be installed horizontally, vertically, on facades or soffits.
  • Colour through and colour on top choices; many choices
  • Many shapes; grooves, waves, random patterns for unique light effects
  • Hidden fastener attachment
  • CAN ULC S-114 suitable for non-combustible construction
  • Simple Construction - less labour cost
  • Approx 10 sq ft / crew hour construction speed (including air vapour barrier, insulation, girts, rails, panels and trims)


pin decoration

Design whatever you like, we will take care of the rest. 

Your ideas need no longer fail because of what is required technically. And not in the least if they are realized using TONALITY facade tiles. Combine high-quality facade tiles in a variety of formats, numerous colours and with many varied surface textures with classical or modern structural building designs – TONALITY allows you the freedom of unlimited designs.  Curved surfaces are also possible with design assistance from one of our experienced representatives at Engineered Assemblies.
Extraordinary ideas require unusual formats.


TONALITY has perfected portrait installation for all lateral thinkers. As a counterpoint in design or for accentuating vertical structures. TONALITY facade tiles installed in vertical layout show off their true strength at this time. Flexible during the design phase, with highly impressive visual appearances, and a clearly defined joint pattern. A facade solution for architecture with stature.