Fiat Dealers Across Canada

In 2011-2013 EA provided EQUITONE [tectiva] grey panels for installation across Canada. This was a program where we inventoried panels waiting for orders for quick ship.

Installations included:

Fiat Boulevard, Montréal

Chrysler Fiat, Blainville

Chrysler Fiat Cap Santé, Donnacona

Chrysler Fiat Trois-Diamants, Terrebonne

Excellence Chrysler Fiat, Saint-Eustache

Holland Fiat, Westisland

Lasalle Fiat, Lasalle

Longue-Pointe Fiat, Montréal

Girard Fiat, Repentigny

Saint-Jérôme Fiat, Saint-Jérôme

Des Meules Fiat, Blainville


EA would be pleased to put together a similar program for you.

Fiat Dealers Across Canada
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