Set in an ever-expanding area of Richmond, BC with close proximity to YVR and transit, Viewstar will become the home for hundreds of people. 

W.T. Leung Architects’ project featuring over 30,000 sq ft of EQUITONE [tectiva] high-density fibre cement and over 40,000 sq ft of TONALITY ceramic clay tiles, will become a showpiece in the Greater Vancouver area illustrating how simply these materials can fit into the design elements of residential high-rise construction. 

With a full assembly, including the TcLip™ to provide a thermally broken substructure, the six towers will use a mixture of three colours in TONALITY (depending on which tower) utilizing a vertical stacking joint allowing for a quick install as Midland Exteriors climbs up the building. 

The lower levels will feature the robust EQUITONE [tectiva] in primarily larger panels with the use of colour matched rivets with all detailing following the Engineered Assemblies’ S2 Design Guide.  ITC Construction Group will be running the project with expected completion in 2021.

Photos © Eric Gervais

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada