Marine Drive Academy

EA from the outset was the Basis of Design for this project where the thermally broken RVRS wall assembly was designed and constructed in strict accordance with the design and install criteria provided by System 2 Design Guide.
Other than glazing the architect took the bold step to dress the entire envelope in TE90 Super White and a wood grain HPL. The HPL follows the exterior into the interior common areas. There is no masonry, architectural stone and metal panel elements.
Sheet Harbour is located in a thinly populated rural area on Nova Scotia’s eastern shore. This did not hinder or stop the architectural team from conducting focus groups with the school population as to how they would like the school to look and make it attractive, welcoming & encouraging the attendance.
They were not deterred by specifying high end materials instead of standard masonry and thin gauge metal—corrugated and flat stock.
The end result was a very bright, vibrant, attractive school.
Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia, Canada