VRCA's Supplier of the Year Award goes to...

Oct 26, 2018 - Vancouver, British Columbia.  Engineered Assemblies was honoured with the GOLD VRCA (Vancouver Regional Construction Association) Award for Manufacturers and Suppliers of the year category for contributions to the Langara College Science and Technology Building.

Working with Teeple Architects and Proscenium Architects, the 'sculpture wall' became a prominent feature of the project with many complexities to consider within the design & install phases of construction.  EA's approach to projects with a passionate spirit of partnership allowed for creative design intent to come to life.  Marine Cladding was integral in the partnership along with Bird Construction and in true EA spirit, all partners were invited to join on stage to accept the award.  John Kubassek was quoted on stage while accepting with award, "This is how we operate and celebrate partnerships by uniting the house of design with the field of construction."  

One of the quotes from the case study:

"The Sculpture Wall was integral to the architectural vision for the Langara College Science and Technology Building.  Given our firm's longstanding relationship with EA, we were quick to reach out early in the design process to harness their expertise.  EA helped us explore options such as ceramic baguette cladding and assess their suitability to the project's techincal and cost parameters.  Ultimately, they were able to develop the Sculpture Wall, a customized system perfectly tailored to the needs of this project in a way that no available off-the-shelf options were.  As the project progressed, EA worked with the design team, Marine Cladding and Bird Construction to further develop the system and fine-tune construction sequencing.  As the project team navigated the budgetary challenges inherent in projects of this complexity, EA was able to provide real-time cost feedback that allowed us to adjust the density and allocation of louvers in a manner that preserved the design intent, while keeping the system affordable.  This project ranks among our most positive CM experiences.  Langara College benefited from a highly collaborative and dedicated team and the Sculpture Wall is a great example of everything that can go right with this delivery method." -Tomer Diamant M.Arch, Senior Associate, Teeple Architects