Tech Corner - Volume 2


Light weight Facades and hidden fastening

In the interest of design and construction of facades through low embodied energy methods, lighter products are being considered more often than ever.  A relevant and comprehensive article was recently published in the June issue of Construction Canada titled Light and Thin Facades. The challenge with lighter & Thinner facade products is they often do not have the mass to which to fasten to with traditional methods (fasteners). While there are some new developments in the arena of fasteners, one system is growing in popularity through successful means - bonding agents. In the world of manufacturing we have been bonding for a considerable time and bonding dissimilar materials together with success since the 1950s.
Many components that bear a function of structural integrity in the automotive and aviation industry are bonded. I often suggest, if people don’t trust bonding materials in construction, they probably shouldn’t fly either.
Dynamic Bonding Systems B.V.,  an international supplier of MS Hybride polymer bonding systems, is KOMO certified and enjoys more than 30 years specializing in bonded cladding.  Dynamic Bond have expanded their reach and now distribute to the transportation industry.  Engineered Assemblies has been successfully supplying Dynamic Bond for facade projects across Canada for well over 6 yrs.
Bonding in conjunction with a cleat and Rail system, such as the Engineered Assemblies BearClaw® is a means of hanging practically any façade materials with hidden fastening, while withstanding all the loads, pressures and extremes of our Canadian climate. This embraces the Facades for the Future Concept as well as all the benefits inherent in a SYSTEM2 RVRS.
Pay a visit to the Engineered Assemblies website for more information on Dynamic Bonding systems and contact your local EA representative to hear about how it can work for you. The science and industry of façades is evolving with success, and Engineered Assemblies is pacing it to offer some great solutions to the market.
by Jeff Ker, Sr Technical Advisor at EA