Engineered Assemblies launches Certified Series


Engineered Assemblies launches Certified Series – a pathway to compliance for the installation of façades in the Canadian market.

MISSISSAUGA, ON – February 24, 2021 – To facilitate more transparency in the process from designing a building façade to the successful installation of a project, Engineered Assemblies (EA) has developed an industry-wide tool (Certified Series platform) that connects everyone who is involved in the project.  The connectivity that Certified Series enables of all parties on one platform, delivers a tight feedback loop ultimately aimed to ensure the owner achieves manufacturer approved installation and maximum lifespan of the building façade. Improper installation can cause façade failures (like cracked or warped panels) which in turn voids a manufacturer’s warranty.  Following the Certified Series will ensure the façade is installed correctly, so the manufacturer’s warranty will be there, through the years, to address any product related failures.
Certified Series is the next evolution in the façade industry that follows the successful adoption of the SYSTEM 2-v2 (S2-v2) Design Guide.  Through 14+ years of developing and constantly improving the (S2-v2) Design Guide, the guide has been adopted not just for projects linked to EA customers, but equally important, by competitors and many installers regardless of their choice of light-weight façade material.  This is music to John Kubassek’s ears.  Having founded the company and been the principle author of the S2-v2 Design Guide, Kubassek’s position is clear, “One failed job of any light-weight façade material makes the whole industry look bad.  If we work together and adopt common principles of design, our whole pie will grow and with it, so will each piece.”  Adoption of an industry-wide façade installation system would put Canada ahead of the globe.  Associations like RAiNA are striving to get the façade industry, primarily in the USA, on the same page. Their mission is “To work together with our membership, industry, and trade to be the recognized authority on rainscreen wall assemblies in North America.”  Kubassek goes on to say, “Associations like RAiNA recognize the need to align, and we have rolled up our sleeves to bring a common idea to action.”
The spirit of collaboration in today’s construction world is challenged more than ever as sub-contractors work hard to mitigate their role in a project when something goes wrong.  With that in mind, the Certified Series program is meant to unite the team (from owner, to Architect, to General Contractor, through to the cladding-contractor), and allow everyone to be a part of the project every step of the way by giving each team member a lens to the project progress so costly errors can be caught and corrections made avoiding premature aging of the façade. 
EA is hosting a series of information sessions on the Certified Series and all are welcome to join.  Architects will benefit from seeing how their design intent can be honoured through the process and how installers will mitigate risk by having a transparent process with oversight from everyone involved on the project.  Owners ultimately gain value knowing their material will qualify for the manufacturer’s warranty, and compliance is met every step of the way. 
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