Cut List Planner

Panel Optimization is important

Panel optimization is important

  • its best done at design phase
  • scrap rates increase the $/sq ft price by up to 50% more expensive, including labour to fabricate panel that will be thrown out
  • often forethought at design stage can save money and the environment
  • EA uses a tool, and you can do this yourself, or EA is happy to help

Learn a bit more in the attached;



Engineered Assemblies uses the Cut Planner from R&R Drummond.

EA offers cutting servies, at $13.95 per panel ( a sheet cut into four is making four panels, so $55.80 ) for fibre cement, wood veneer and HPL. 

You can use the software for cut planning too, and indeed we prefer you use it. if we are cutting for you, it will speed up cutting. We prefer a proper cut list, not in handwriting, and we work in metric.

Buy the software at an affordable price from R&R Drummond.