TClip Thermally Broken Rear Ventilated Rain Screen System

  • Thermally Broken System
  • Non-Combustible
  • Design freedom
  • Constructable and Cost effective

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Architect: Teeple Architects and architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson
Location: Barrie, Ontario
Product: Eternit Fibre Cement
Project: Georgian College Sadlon Centre for Health and Wellness
Photographer: Scott NorsworthyArchitect:

Eternit Fibre Cement

Teeple Architects chooses Eternit Fibre Cement in two shades of grey and white to develope a fascinating facade. Ritz Metal installed the material in a very effective, professional manner. Rear Ventilated Rain Screen ( RVRS ) facades perform better and offer the Architect and Owner a unique facade

Architect: Consortium Hudon & Julien / Coarchitecture, Lemay &  Michaud, St-Gelais Montminy Architectes
Location: Baie St Paul, Quebec
Product: Parklex Wood Veneer Phenolic
Projet: Hotel La Ferme
Photographer: Stéphane Groleau

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Hudon consortium and Julien / Coarchitecture, and Lemay Michaud, St-Gelais Montminy Architects chose Parklex as an essential part of the facade of the historic building in rural Quebec.

Architect:  Moriyama & Teshima
Location:   Queenston, ON
Products:   Zinc Panel
Project: Queenston Border Pavillion


The strong aesthetic appeal of zinc paneling lies especially in its incredible diversity: from Alpine cabins to modern museums and homes; from the avant-garde to the traditional. Roofs and façades made of titanium zinc offer more than just aesthetic advantages. Roofs and façades made of this diverse material are also environmentally friendly.


Architect:  Larkin Architects
Location:   Guelph, ON
Products:  Ceramic Panels
Project:  University of Guelph Student Residence


Ceramic Panels

Ceramic is an ancient material, recently designed into a Rear Ventilated Rain Screen ( RVRS ) façade. The panels are hung on rails, creating a space behind for ventilation. Installation is simply about lining up the rails. Aesthetics are unlimited: unglazed like ancient terra cotta, or glazed with colour or even artwork. In this example Engineered Assemblies assisted in the design of a rainscreen outside a brick façade that had failed. The ultimate makeover.


Architect:  Cannon Design
Location:  Richmond, BC
Products:  CPI Daylighting
Project: Richmond Olympic Oval


CPI Daylighting

CPI Daylighting translucent polycarbonate panels are designed and fabricated into walls, like the blue panels shown, and skylights, canopies and interiors. The unique and patented design fits standard construction in a simple curtain wall manner. The interior structure means there are flush walls. Increased aesthetics are matched with superior economic, thermal, durability and fire performance over glass, fibreglass and other translucent systems.


Architect: Richard Butterworth Architects
Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Product: Eternit Fibre Cement and CPI Daylighting
Project: Ridgemount School

Eternit Fibre Cement and CPI Daylighting

Richard Butterworth chose Eternit and CPI daylighting, and new windows to renovate Ridgemount and Westmount High School. The end result is a school to be proud of, better R value, better daylighting and learning environment. It was done while kids were still in school, saving the school board financially.

Architect: Richard Butterworth Architect
Location: Hamilton, ON
Products: Eternit Fibre Cement Panel and CPI Daylighting
Project: Westmount High School

Eternit Fibre Cement and CPI Daylighting

Richard Butterworth designed Eternit and CPI dayligting and new windows to create better R Value, improved daylighting, improved entrance with a eye-catching canopy, and overall a school to be proud of. All of this was done while the kids were in school, avoiding the expense of a summer only construction.

Architect: JRS Engineering
Location: Vancouver BC
Product: Eternit Fibre Cement
Project: McLean Park Towers Recladding

EA and its partner Marine Cladding designed, supplied and installed an insulated system over existing ceramic brick and concrete to create a new facade for better performance and superior aeshetics. All of this was done while the tenants remained in the building.

Architect: Turner Fleischer Architects
Location: Burlington, Ontario
Product: Ceramic Panel ( Clay tile )
Project: Fortions Grocery Store no 1

Engineered Assemblies designed, supplied and provided construction services to Fortinos. This is a bold step in branding as all the other stores in the area have the typical stucco beige. It stands out. EA and its partner also built the facade rapidly to meet aggressive schedule dates, even though the tile comes from Germany.

Similar stores in Vaughan, Oakville and Stoney Creek

Reigo and Bauer designed an excellent renovation of a downtown home, using white Eternit fibre cement and zinc. Praxy Cladding Corp did the installation.

See the article in the Globe and Mail, "New Vigour for a Sagging Home", by Ben Rahn on August 8, 2013

Eternit fibre cement is attractive, light and durable. It is especially good for this kind of recladding application where sound brick can take the load of rails and fibre cement panels.

Architect: Urban Solutions
Location: Fraser River, BC
Product: Imetco Series 300 ZInc
Project: Cleveland Dam

Marine Cladding made this come together, mastering the math of a complex curve and the flexibility of Imetco Series 300 Zinc Roofing. The Owner receives a 25 year water tight warranty. Beautiful. Too bad it so remote.

In addition, the durable and aesthetic cladding is Eternit Natura.

Architect: Dialog
Location: Listowel, On
Product: Eternit Tectiva (Etercolor)
Project: Listowel Healthcare

Dialog designed Tectiva(Etercolor) into a fine rural building, installed professionally by Ontario Panelization. An excellent use of Eternit in an everyday building.

Architect: HOK Architects
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Product: Equitone Fibre Cement
Project: Humber College
Photographer: Nick Milner

Equitone Fibre Cement

HOK Architects chooses Equitone Fibre Cement  to develop a fascinating facade. Rear Ventilated Rain Screen ( RVRS ) facades perform better and offer the Architect and Owner a unique facade. This facade meshes with the traditional materials of brick and glass.

Architect: Diamond Schmitt
Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Product: Parklex Wood Veneer Phenolic
Project: University of Ottawa Vanier Building Interior

Diamond Schmitt chose perforated Parklex 700 for the interior of an important meeting point of students, faculty and visitors in the middle of the UofO campus

AWF is the preferred facade system for AUDI worldwide. EA is AWF's partner in North America for design, training, and facilitating construction. Praxy Cladding Corp is the preferred installation company in Ontario

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AWF is a perforated metal system, which combines exact manufacturing and construction detailing to create works of art. While this perforation pattern is custom to AUDI, AWF can make systems for any client's needs.

Architect: CoArchitecture
Location: Levis, Quebec
Product: Parklex Wood veneer phenolic
Project: Edifice Tanguay
Photographer: Stéphane Groleau

Coarchitecture chose Parklex soffit and ceiling of this impressive building of offices and meeting places for the business community corresponding Levis.

Architect: Carl Charron Architecte
Location:Trois Pistoles, Quebec
Produit: Parklex Composite du bois
Projet: Arena
Photographer: Stéphane Groleau

Une arène, juste une arène dans une autre petite ville du Québec - génial. Tous méritent d'avoir la beauté et la fierté économique dans leur ville.

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