Drafting Services

A best practice that Engineerered Assemblies follows is found within in-house Drafting. We collectively have a choice. Get it right in the virtual world, on paper, and send the crews out with clear, specific information and predict site success, or just document the minimum for Architect's approval and send the crews out with a pile of standard details and material and hope.

Key Attributes

  • Custom drawings for your building, not a set of standard drawings and a cover letter like many other trades
  • Approval Drawings based on Architectural drawings, so Architect immediately relates and understands how EA helps realize design intent
  • Issued for Construction drawings laid out by elevation, so Contractor immediately relates and can follow on site
  • Bills of Material organized by elevation so material management effective and efficient
  • Stamped drawings ; EA stands behind design
  • Correct, legible, constructable.

Engineered Assemblies is different. We choose to get it right in the design phase and send the crews out with clear specific information. Hard to believe but this is different. We start with the Architectural CAD drawings, specification and all addenda. 

  1. Budget price for shop drawing and engineering package included in material quote (if not already provided)
  2. Detailed shop drawing and engineering fee proposal as a lump sum price based on a review of the required information,
  3. Complete shop drawing package, including:
    1. Submission of  “For Approval” shop drawings
    2. 1 submission of “For Re-approval” shop drawings based on consultant review and comments
    3. Submission of “Issued For Construction” (IFC) shop drawings
    4. Work Orders (Bill of Material) based on IFC shop drawings
  4. Services, including system design panel layout, and façade structural calculations
  5. Site visits and observation reports

Drafting services can be budgeted at 2-5% of the supply and install contract. It is at the low end of this range for large buildings with straightforward construction scenarios, and high end of the range for small buildings with complex layouts, a lot of conditions created by penetrations and complex wall structures. EA can provide a quote for our services as early as you want when you provide Architectural Drawings in PDF form.

EA can provide examples of our shop drawings so you can see the quality and complete nature of our work.