TcLip™ Thermally Broken Facade Substructure

TcLip™ Thermally Broken Facade Substructure

This Section will offer you a myriad of sources to Learn about the technology of TcLip™ for facade design and construction. When you are ready you can proceed to the next sections to Choose Products, Design and Use.

Key Attributes

  • Strongest Clip on the market  = Cost effective, easy construction with fewer clips, adjusts for subwall misalignment.
    • Fewer clips - often half the number of clips vs other systems!
    • Highest Effective R Value among leading systems.
    • Insulation installed easily and completely – have you tried custom batt sizes to speed up construction?
    • Adjustable for subwall misalignment; corrects poor framing easily.
    • No insulation stickpins.
    • Simple window, door and edge conditions. 
  • Thermally broken facade; Compliant with ASHRAE 90.1 2010.
  • Non combustible construction.

Effective R Value Chart 

Thats a 2.5-9.5% improvement, all the while installing fewer clips and enjoying faster construction. 
(source web searches March 2015) 



Simple. Put a piece of metal in the insulation and it acts like a short circuit, a leak in the boat, an open coat in winter. Thoughts were that it was not too bad. Work by Morrison Hershfield and others proved what it was doing. Its time for change.thermal bridge models 

The wall on the left shows a horizontal girt through the insulation, and the fact the girt is the same colour as the internal metal means heat is escaping the system.

System on the right is with TcLip and the external metal is cold, as cold as the exterior. No Loss.

You need a system that can provide...








Selection Criteria picture





For the purpose of learning, please review the following

- Morrison Hershfield - Thermally Broken Design = 2 R's Wont Make Your U
- EA - Thermally Broken Facade Intro - No Product info
- EA - TcLip™

Installation Animation


If you are looking for more information, below is a set of links and articles on the topic.




Canadian Consulting Engineer Article Dec 2012
Ontario Ministry of Public Affairs- Supplementary Standard SB10 
Ontario Ministry of Public Affairs- Supplementary Standard SB12 
Ontario Ministry of Public Affairs- Are you ready?2012 Requirements for New Construction ( ran same story) 2 slideshows; breakdown of building code SB10&12 Ready for the New Ontario Building Code Energy Efficiency Standards?           
Enermodal Engineering- Meeting the updated Ontario Building Code
Consulting Specifying  " LEED 2012 Anticipated Changes"
Consulting Specifying " Decoding The Green Construction Codes"
Consulting Specifying - There Are Three Paths To ASHRAE 90.1 Compliance, And Documenting Compliance With Standard 90.1 Is Not As Difficult Or Confusing As Engineers Believe It To Be.
North American Insulation Manufacturers Association - State Adoption of ASHRAE 90.1 (MBMAP)
Union - Changes to the Ontario Building Code: Building Envelope Requirements
Canada Green Building Council- The New Ontario Building Code - Where are we Headed? - February 2012
Caneta Research Inc.- Complying with the New Energy Efficiency Requirements of the Ontario Building Code (SB-10) 2012 Building Code Requirements for New Construction
Reed Construction Building Code Reference Library (US) What's New in the 2012 International Building Codes
CEBQ website - presentation en français
          Le nouveau Code national de l'énergie pour les bâtiments, CNRC
          Résistance thermique effective, Guylaine Desmarais, arch
Building Building Science Insights: BSI-062: Thermal Bridges Redux 
Building - BSD-011: Thermal Control in Building (Blair the "g" is not picked up in the link...not sure if that is an issue)


National Post- September 24, 2012: " What a New Home is Made of", Mike HolmesTalks about the need for thermal breaks, suggests some solutions
National Post- April 1, 2011: " Give me a thermal Break", Mike Holmes
This is an older article, but shows that Mike Holmes and the National Post are interested in the topic and solution.


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