Parklex Facade

CSC No 07 42 23
Wood Wall Panels

Learn about the technology of wood veneer phenolic for facade design and construction. 
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Since 1968, Parklex has provided architects, decorators, master builders and builders with a
wide range of solutions; their products. Parklex products are manufactured from natural wood for use in
facings, flooring and ceilings. 

The Products
Only with materials manufactured from natural wood is it possible to convey the sensation of warmth and beauty, quality and comfort that real wood can give a building. Parklex offers a wide range of extraordinary outdoor paneling - all manufactured from natural wood and a process during manufacturing that give the wood properties of strength and durability making it ideal for use on building exteriors. When designed into a ventilated rainscreen façade with open joints and a permeable weather barrier, the system provides superior building envelope performance combined with beautiful aesthetics. Whether it rains, is sunny, hot or cold, Parklex makes it possible to cover the façades of buildings with natural wood, giving them a look of quality and comfort from the outside with all the benefits of rainscreen performance. 

Key Attributes of Parklex Facade

  • Real wood veneer integrated in phenolic panel; every panel different
  • Everlook Finish UV and graffiti proof; built for hot, cold, wet and dry climates for exteriors
  • roughly 4'x8' panel
  • 8mm panel for facade, 10mm for soffit
  • Exposed and Hidden Fastener attachment available
  • CAN ULC S-134 suitable for non-combustible construction (up to 6 storeys of sprinklered buildings in Ontario)
  • Cut and drilled either in shop or onsite
  • No maintenance required

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