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The Engineered Assemblies Team

  • John Kubassek


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  • Kurt Letain


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  • Steve Vann

    Prices and Quotes

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  • Tina Rende

    Order and Customer Management

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  • Lesley-Ann Turnor-Jakupovski


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Summary of Roles At Engineered Assemblies

Dear EA Customer

Thank you for your business. We pride ourselves on our customer service, and we know we can always improve if we listen to you. To assist here is an explanation of roles. Please ask any questions.

Pricing and Quotes - Steve.

All contractors should send requests for pricing to Steve. He requires the specification, quantities, thicknesses, colours etc. The more you tell us the more we can help. If you tell us panel count and size we can assist you in knowing how much hardware is needed to price. Steve prices, reprices, and accepts purchase orders. He sends out sales order acknowledgements after the purchase order. When that is signed, it becomes a clean order, usually, and it goes to Tina. Escalation path is Darren.

Order and Customer Management - Tina

Clean orders go to Tina. She orders material, makes sure you have the parts they need and manages logistics of getting the product to the client as you want it. If we are cutting she will arrange that too. She can help expedite when needed.  The better you communicate the better she can meet your deliveries. She will be insisting on our panels come with fasteners and EPDM, and strongly prefer you also buy weather membrane and girts. Escalation path is Darren.

Sales Management in Ontario - Darren

 Darren is responsible for all sales consultants across North America. Escalation path is John.

Marketing - Shauna, Gavin & Sheena

Shauna, Gavin & Sheena  will be executing events, web, social media,  and campaigns. Escalation path is Darren.

Communications - Melissa

Everything that goes on until a client says they have a project and wants to work with us is communications. Melissa will assist with sales support as well as sample requests. Escalation path is Darren.

Product Technical Info - Jeffrey Ker

Jeffrey will take the product questions. We were tag teaming on this before. Escalation path is Darren.

New Product Introduction - Jeffrey Ker

If you have questions on products that are not quite in full circulation.

Design questions, drawing review - Sales (or John)

If just reviewing designs, which we recommend, bring those to the respective technical consultants based on region. No escalation path - get Sheena or Darren

Financial Issues - Kurt

Customer terms, billing issues call Lesley-Ann. Copy John. Escalation path is Darren.

Payments - Lesley-Ann or Shan

Lesley-Ann will be following up payments. Escalation path is Kurt.

All General Management issues

North American Sales Manager - Darren Smith

Founder and CEO - John Kubassek

Escalation means - if you cannot get that person in a reasonable timer period, call the escalation path. If someone is on vacation then use the escalation path.

I trust this is clear. We appreciate anything you have to say to help us be better.



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