Curtain Wall - Integrating EA Panels

EA Panels can be integrated into Curtain Wall. EA has worked wtih OldCastle Building Envelope to design RVRS facades into the spandrels of Curtain Wall.


source: OldCastle Building Envelope
Parklex panel shown


  • More opaque walls than glass
  • Metal has become over used
  • Architects want to see more aesthetic facades
  • Curtain Wall construction has many benefits in speed, prefabrication, and total cost

Which Panels

  • Equitone fibre cement
  • Parklex Wood Veneer Phenolic
  • Vivix Solid Phenolic
  • Tonality Ceramic
  • Savoia Porcelain

Design Characteristics

  • Ventilated facade for purpose of sustaining panels
  • Vertical profiles supporting panel connected to curtain wall substructure
  • Trims or no trims
  • Drip flashings where required

Want to learn more - see this webinar or pdf presentation

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