Tonality Ceramic Facade

CSC No 07 44 23
Ceramic Tile Faced Panels

Learn about the technology of ceramic for facade design and construction. 
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Each new TONALITY product is the result of more than 100 years of experience and commitment in the area of ceramics. Thus, imaginative combinations of personal choices of colours combined with superior quality advantages are emerging time and time again. "TONALITY" has developed a cladding range in a unique and so far unprecedented variety of colours. "TONALITY"-"CLASSIC" blazes new trails in the unlimited possibilities of cladding design. Dye penetrated fired clay tiles of the finest colours inspire in a well thought out system. The user-friendly installation, the extremely variable design of joints and the sensitive and subtle selection of surfaces round off the ceramic cladding system for new buildings and renovations - for outstanding possibilities of creative design throughout the World.

Ceramic is about selecting what face you want the building to present: - colour, finish, size of panel. From there the design, with assistance from Engineered Assemblies, takes on engineering. Simple. Installation with floor height rails is simple, fast and predictable.

Ceramic is most economical in big open walls. It's a perfect new idea instead of the ubiquitous aluminum panel. A chance for a new branding of the buildings.

Creaton System Rendering creaton as brick creaton as something else

Key Attributes of Tonality

  • One layer extruded ceramic, complete with grooves for interlock with rail
  • Masonry or something completely different describe aesthetic choices
  • Finest grain clay making strong, smooth, lift'n lock system
  • Many sizes from 150mm-600mm high; 2000mm long
  • Order exact length to avoid waste
  • Sweet spot for constructibility, and preferred in Canadian market 3-400mm high; 1000-1200mm long
  • Panel 26mm thick, including grooves for interlock
  • Can be installed horizontally, vertically, on facades or soffits.
  • Colour through and colour on top choices; many choices
  • Many shapes; grooves, waves, random patterns for unique light effects
  • Hidden fastener attachment
  • CAN ULC S-114 suitable for non-combustible construction

Simple Construction - less labour cost

  • Last three projects 10 sq ft / crew hour construction speed (including air vapour barrier, insulation, girts, rails, panels and trims)