BearClaw System

Bear Claw System

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EA is proud to announce creation of BearClaw system.

Key Attributes of the BearClaw system

  • hidden or concealed fastener systems, "show no fasteners"
  • thin (6-8mm) panels to avoid cost
  • facilitate offsite construction - lowering costs
  • aluminum extrusions that are either adhered or fastened to back of panels
  • aluminum rails that are attached to wall substructure
  • bottom clip has lip that carries the dead load of the panels

The BearClaw system has attractive budget pricing. The clips are fastened to the panel in a controlled environment using Dynamic Bond adhesive system or mechanical fastener. Its easy to do and works great. The bottom clip catches the edge of the panel so that the deadload is taken by the mechanical system. The wind load is taken by the adhesive system. This provides confidence in longevity, durability and sustainability.

The thin panels used creates a great cost story for meeting the needs of hidden fastener panelized systems.

See drawings attached.

Picture Of HF TClip System

These drawings are for Porcelain, other systems are similar


 dscn1862.jpg  dscn1855.jpg  dscn1856.jpg
 dscn1858.jpg  dscn1859.jpg dscn1860.jpg

Here are photos of a recent mockup we prepared, using Savoia Porcelain

 dscn1839.jpg dscn1840.jpg 
 dscn1842.jpg  dscn1847.jpg
 dscn1848.jpg dscn1846.jpg 


And another one we created for portability.

HF system Mockup 3.jpg HF system Mockup 2.jpg
HF system Mockup 1 w Porcelain.jpg

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Picture Of HF TClip System

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