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“I have found T Clip great to work with on high end commercial/institutional and large scale residential projects due to its simplicity, adjustability and ease of use. It is quick to install and level off poorly formed structure. It is also easy to insulate with Roxul after placement of the horizontal Z bars, tight fitting without fish mouthing at the clips, providing a complete thermal barrier. I have found that clients, architects and envelope consultants are impressed during construction for the same reasons.  T clip is also the most cost viable due to its strength (less clips per square foot of assembly along with less horizontal Z bar) and speed of install, saving on labour. It is my thermally broken solution of choice."

Daniel Geddes, Cladding Manager, Marine Cladding and Sheet Metal Ltd


Thank you Preston,
I will mail the cheque tomorrow.
It was really nice working with you and I hope we will get to work together very soon.

Teddington Homes


Just wanted to say thank you for your presentation today. You certainly got our attention - hope we can do a project together soon.
... and lunch was good too!

Gillian Haley
Goldsmith Borgal & Company Ltd Architect


"Engineered Assemblies Inc., Praxy Cladding Corp., John Kubassek...are upstanding and involved members of the Toronto Construction Association. I would recommend them for construction work and other community building projects."

John G. Mollenhauer
President & CEO,
Toronto Construction Association


"We are writing to confirm the outstanding service, technical experience, and innovative design of cladding systems we receive from the team at Engineered Assemblies Inc. With regard to our recently completed Sisters of Saint Joseph New Covenant Home, the primary experience of the building exterior is through the ribbon like curves through the cladding system we developed with the EAI team. Engineered Assemblies Inc. contributed immensely to its success through thorough product and material know-how, budgetary insight on the product and installation process, with reliable advice on envelope detailing producing one of the proudest projects our firm has completed. With their experience and service we would be extremely pleased in working with or recommending Engineered Assemblies Inc."

Bernard Jin
Senior Associate
Teeple Architects


"Acting as a Conract Administrator for a high design oriented  architectural firm. Moriyama & Teshima Architects (MTA); receiving perfection from the trades that make our projects reality is paramount. I can say with great enthusiasm and extreme pleasure that Praxy Cladding Corp. (PCC) has brought this perfection forth to a project which at one point appeared to be a mis-fortune experience of events. Praxy Cladding Corp. was brought in half way through to complete the zinc cladding installation at the Queenston Plaza Phase 1 Redevelopment project which the original sub-contractor simply could not carry through and execute the quality that is expected on our projects. Working alongside with PCC's project managers and their on-site trades allowed us to  resolve the numerous challenging site conditions that were left behind by the original sub-contractor. PCC's field staff is very professional, friendly and very proactive in proposing resolutions to challenging conditions. On a personal level, knowing the tradesmen responsible for executing the project have a "Master Roofer" old European school of training is a great feeling of assurance that the finished product will be of the quality as expected from MTA's high design standards.

"I can say with great confidence, that it has been a pleasure working with PCC. Their professional attitude towards quality and project schedule is above the rest. I hope you consider my recommendation of PCC for any of your future projects."

Karel Brozik, CSC
Moriyama & Teshima 


"Our working relationship with the team at Engineered Assemblies has been a positive one from the start. Their involvement with the exterior wall system during design offered our Consultant team expertise that has proven to be very valuable particularly in identifying practical solutions to difficult interface areas with other building elements and adjacent structures. It has been a partnership approach that our entire team has embraced from the start. With our building having so many facades, including an inner core of four elevations being, and soffits clad with a cement panel system, staging proved to be a difficult challenge. Several trades were required in completing the building envelope and access for all related trades was required. Engineered Assemblies was one of those trades who offered ideas and solutions in choosing the best equipment necessary to complete the installation.

"The individuals assigned to our project were involved on a consistent basis and worked hand in hand with our site staff as well as their installers on site. A program was developed from day one which segmented the building elevations into individual areas which allows for efficient delivery of materials from framing to finished panel. Their site staff had great attention to detail which was very important in establishing the required panel joint lines and exhaust vent boxes being on the outside edge of panels.

"We look forward to furthering our relationship with Engineered Assemblies and would recommend their firm to others."

James Cameron
Project Manager
Bird Construction


"Engineered Assemblies has been very supportive.  Through our mutual cooperation, we have successfully completed several projects that we are proud to have been a part of."

Victor Da Rosa
RITZ Metal 2000 Inc.


Dubbeldam Design Architects has used Engineered Assemblies’ Eternit and Parklex exterior cladding systems on several of our high end custom residential projects with great success.  As a design practice that is known for its rigorous design process and follow through in construction, we were not only impressed by the range and excellent quality of the products, but also the high level of support we received from EA.  Their assistance with technical issues and problem solving not to mention their quick response are an asset that has made them more of a partner than a vendor to our team.  To date, their products have held up very well to the elements and we continue to specify EA for exterior cladding solutions as our first choice.

Heather Dubbeldam


"I commend Engineered Assemblies and their manufacturing Partner, Parklex, in working with us professionally, patiently and with understanding attitudes to ensure a successful implementation at the Fredericton Convention Centre project. No doubt we will do business again sometime in the future." 

Vernon MacKinnon
McPhee Commercial Cabinets Ltd.
e-mail:  vmackinnon@mcpheecabinets.com


"Engineered Assemblies Inc recently completed the cladding of  the University of Guelph's Addington Hall student residence. Through many challenges, changes, schedule restrictions and warranty concerns Engineered Assemblies continued to make completion of this successful project a high priority.

The end result is an exceptional looking building that will last many years into the future. Students, staff and the University as a whole continue to discuss what a great transformation this building has undergone, thanks to the products supplied and partially installed by Engineered Assemblies.

I look forward to working with Engineered Assemblies Inc. on future projects and would not hesitate to recommend this firm to others."

Shane Danis, Project Manager
Univesity of Guelph, Physical Resources


"Engineered Assemblies was extremely helpful from the outset of the project. As a premium cladding product we had not had experience with previously, they were able to guide us through the benefits and limitations of using Eternit including peer review of our construction details and assistance with preparation of specifications. This assistance was invaluable to our ability to deliver the final design."

Thomas Wilson
B.E.S., B. Arch., O.A.A., M.R.A.I.C.
Senior Associate
+VG Architects
E: twilson@ventingroup.com


“Working with EA on ProWest Joint Venture in Calgary was a good experience. We have worked with EA on multiple projects and we keep coming back because all customers have
been happy with the VIVIX product installed on the projects so far. The only hiccup was on the 3rd project when manufacturing switched and there was a 2 month delay in getting the product, but EA was great about communicating what the delay was and including any issues associated with it. Communication and delivery is key, and EA does what they say they will do. EA good at providing updates on the project. I am very happy with the product and the fact that EA will provide warranties even though the installation is outsourced (the competition doesn’t do the same). I would be happy to collaborate with EA again on future projects and I would recommend them to others as well.”
Joel Seibert   Mountain View Building 
Prowest Joint Venture: 13-635


"really good presentation today. One of the most thorough and technical descriptions of a product I have seen. "

Walter Bettio, Principal / Office Architecture,Toronto


Mar Jok Elementary School
“Service during all stages was great. Darren was able to answer our questions quickly and easily. Overall, EA did really good! There were no hiccups to report. We called on EA because we were working on a non-combustible building and were having trouble finding a product that met the Canadian certification, but EA did. EA has a good rainscreen product that is very flexible. We have used the product on a few of our other projects too. I would recommend EA to others.” 

Todd Dust, GHMA Architects, Kelowna BC


Juravinski Hospital
“I only worked on the front end of the project, but Jeff was really helpful – he is very good at what he does, is proactive and has a broad range of knowledge. I called on EA because, after doing some looking around, Jeff was very responsive and had the answers we needed. I would do business with EA again.”


Lakeshore Atlas TUBE Centre
"Overall, we, and the clients are really happy with the material choice, and the uniform light inside the rinks that the product provides. There were a few problems installing the product, including an ongoing leak at the intersection of three trades (and I can’t tell if this is Praxy’s problem or not). There were a couple of problems on the shop drawings of the soffit outside the front of the building that is used as a big light fixture, but now that’s been addressed and everyone is satisfied with the selection of the product. The product and work was worth the value. Jeff was really helpful with the design part of the process. I would recommend Jeff and EA to others and I would do business with EA again.”

MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects (MJMA), Afsaneh Tafazzoli